Yuri Milner

Eureka Manifesto

The mission for our civilization

A book about humanity’s place in the Universe and our role in its future, by Yuri Milner.

Any organization that is serious about doing something significant has a mission. But human civilization, as a whole, has nothing resembling a shared mission. In the long term, that means we cannot thrive — or probably even survive. But what could such a mission be? People, nations, and cultures vary wildly. Where on Earth do we look for a common goal?

Yuri Milner argues that we should look beyond Earth: in the universal story we are part of — and whose next chapters we can choose to write.

Yuri Milner is the founder of DST Global, one of the leading investment companies focusing on Internet technologies. Yuri and his wife Julia are the founders of the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, which supports researchers in fundamental sciences and mathematics, helps spread scientific ideas, and invests in advanced scientific initiatives.

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